ComicsPundit gets the hard reboot.


So, for the umpteenth* time, I’m redesigning my blog.

This time, however, I’m dropping the “ComicsPundit” brand. It was created at a time when I thought I could focus on the intersection of two of my passions. But I was all over the place, sometimes comics, sometimes politics, sometimes both, sometimes something completely different.

So, where the domain still brings you here, and I’ll continue to use it for my e-mail, I will be eventually start using to be the blog here.

To start with, I’ve put all prior posts into review. I’ll gradually post them back. Some trivial posts won’t make the cut, but most of them will get back on here.

Also, a project that I’ll be announcing soon will be taking up a lot of the posts for the next couple of months.

*_Apparently, “umpteenth” is now an actual word in the dictionary. I discovered this when spellcheck corrected a typo in the word. Language is indeed a virus.


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  1. Good luck with the reboot! Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

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